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Quicksilvermad: There are some who call me...Jenn?

And yes, coconuts do migrate. Or they're carried by swallows.

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Near-sighted graphic designer, illustrator, trivial fact accumulator, fan, cinephile, and coulrophobe.

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The Daryl/Andrea Collective which I co-moderate.

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abbie mills, adi granov, alice/hatter, april/andy, archer, arrested development, arthur/ariadne, atonement, aubrey plaza, audrey hepburn, avengers, battle creek, being human, big train, bill bailey, black books, boondock saints, bruce banner, bruce campbell, burn notice, cal/gillian, calvin and hobbes, castiel, charlie chaplin, charlie swan, chris pratt, chuck close, connor macmanus, daryl dixon, daryl/andrea, dead like me, dean winters, dexter, die hard, doctor who, don hertzfeldt, donna noble, drew struzan, drive, due south, dylan moran, eddie izzard, emmett/rosalie, eomer/lothiriel, evil dead, fifth doctor, fight club, final fantasy viii, firefly, freakazoid, fur, game of thrones, george/mason, green bay packers, h2g2, hellboy, hitchhiker's guide, hunger games, hyperbole and a half, ichabod/abbie, idris elba, inception, indiana jones, inglourious basterds, iron man, james mcavoy, jeffrey dean morgan, jeremy renner, john wick, joseph gordon-levitt, justified, kensi/deeks, kirk/mccoy, kiss kiss bang bang, labyrinth, lacrosse, lady gaga, laurie holden, law and order, leah/castiel, lie to me, linkara, loki, loki/darcy, mark ruffalo, mccoy/chapel, monty python, moonlight, murphy macmanus, mystery science theater 3000, mythbusters, ncis la, ned/chuck, ned/olive, new girl, new york rangers, nextwave, nick/jess, norman reedus, now and again, oliver reed, parks and recreation, pushing daisies, r/julie, rammstein, rayne, reaper!bones, rifftrax, robert downey jr, russ agnew/holly dale, russ/holly, ryan gosling, sean patrick flanery, shaun of the dead, sherlock holmes, silent hill, simon pegg, sleepy hollow, spaced, spoony, star trek, star trek voyager, star wars, stephen king, supernatural, tangled, tetris, the avengers, the cinema snob, the dark knight, the fall, the hulk, the invisible man, the nostalgia critic, the princess bride, the soup, the spoony experiment, the unusuals, the walking dead, thor, tim roth, tom hiddleston, tony/pepper, top gear, twin peaks, warm bodies, william-adolphe bouguereau


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